This product is called as Water type Fire Extinguisher. The body is made of 1.8 mm thickness mild steel, fitted with squeeze lever, siphon tube, safety pin and discharge hose with nozzle. The container is filled with 9 liters of water and is pressurized with Nitrogen gas to a pressure of 15 kg/cm2. The external body of the extinguisher has an instruction sticker with letter ‘A’, indicating the suitability of fire extinguisher only on class ‘A’ fires. 

  • When operated, the extinguisher produces a jet of approximately 6 meters and it works for around 120 seconds
  • Water type fire extinguisher is also available in trolley mounted higher capacities like 45ltrs and 150ltrs.
  • Water type fire Extinguisher is BIS marked and the BIS number is IS 15683.

Water Type Fire Extinguisher Technical Specifications:

Fire Rating3A
Diameter (MM) Approx.174±0.5
Total Height (MM)575±2
Empty weight (KG) Approx.3.1
Full weight (KG) Approx.12.1
Avg. Effective Discharge Time40 Sec
Operating temperature5°C TO +60°C
Service Pressure15 bar
Maximum Service Pressure17 bar
Test Pressure35 bar


How do you operate a Water Type Fire Extinguisher

In case of any fire accident, hold the discharge hose in your left hand, pull the safety pin, aim the nozzle towards the base of fire, squeeze the squeeze lever and direct the powder to the base of fire and attack in sweeping motion.

(PASS: Pull the safety pin, Aim the nozzle towards the fire base, Squeeze the squeeze lever and attack the fire in Sweeping motion.) 

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Water Type Fire Extinguisher

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