Carbon Dioxide - CO2 Fire Extinguisher

This product is called as C02 Fire Extinguisher. The body is made of 6 mm thickness seamless manganese or carbon steel and is fitted with wheel type control valve, safety pin, neck ring, safety valve, neck handle, instruction sticker, discharge hose and discharge horn.

Carbon dioxide gas is stored under high pressure at 68 kg/cm2, hence it is in the form of liquid. The external body of the extinguisher has an instruction sticker with letter ‘B’ and ‘C’, which indicates the suitability of extinguisher on class ‘B’ and class ‘C’, fires.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Technical Specifications

Capacity2 Kg4.5 Kg2 Kg4.5 Kg
Fire Rating21B55B21B55B
Diameter (MM)108±1139±1111±1140±1
Total Height (MM)565±2711±2550±2705±2
Empty Weight (KG) Approx.6.5123.25.8
Full Weight (KG) Approx.8.5 kg16.5 kg5.2 kg10.2 kg
Avg. Effective Discharge time08 SEC12 SEC08 SEC12 SEC
Volume (L)
Operating Temperature-30°C TO +60°C-30°C TO +60°C-30°C TO +60°C-30°C TO +60°C
Service Pressure65 bar65 bar65 bar65 bar
Max Service Pressure 100 bar 100 bar 100 bar 100 bar
Test Pressure 250 bar 250 bar190 bar190 bar

How do you operate a Portable co2 Fire Extinguisher

In case of any fire accident, maintain a safe distance from the fire, hold the discharge horn in your left hand, remove the locking pin, unscrew the control valve anti-clockwise and direct the CO2 gas at the base of fire by using discharge horn. Direct the gas on sweeping motion from side to side the fire gets extinguished through blanketing effect. CO2 flow can be controlled by closing control valve.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Feature


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Portable CO2 Fire Extinguisher

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