Pre-Sales Facilitation

The safety and security systems industry is a highly specialized and niche industry. The innovations are many and cater to specific requirements. Thus, a knowledgeable choice is better than a referral product. It’s with this understanding that our pre-sales facilitation is a defined stage.

Highly trained staff, well versed with the security and safety solutions parameters is keyed in to your needs. Based on your specific requirements, right solution is built incorporating the best options for you. This selection is also a niche competence which includes site visits and placement that defines the protection offered and safety assured for life and property.

Why Training Is Important

Training in an industry that deals with safety and security systems is akin to a lifesaving skill. A comprehensive, detailed and process-oriented training in know-how, application and the very mindset to approach and execute safety systems is a mandatory need. Mostly, our attitude to safety and security trainings tend to be laid back and taken for granted which could be a prominent factor as to why the best of systems fail to protect us in times of our need.

A popular example would be the air flight attendants demo that often gets only a customary hearing and not full-fledged attention. Thus, a mere demo which is usually a part of delivery and installation across products fails to register meaningfully.

Another most common mistake is the unpreparedness to deal with dire circumstances. Most often, a fire extinguisher dumped into a fire or used as a door opener is not an uncommon sight in our lives – For the simple reason that they are not trained on how to use it during a fire. Thus trainings are a vital necessity especially in niche, critical and life-saving circumstances.

Lastly, the growing specialization of products to combat a particular need demands a command over the knowledge of the product completely and repetitively to ensure recall in uncertain circumstances; It’s this combination of product knowledge and usage, application and execution with a trained mind to deal with multiple scenarios that add confidence to your safety systems.

We sure do recommend a confidence booster for every organization and home for enhanced security and complete peace of mind.


Training Module

Usha Armour has a well-established training wing that offers a comprehensive training program across varied safety measures. It covers everything right from the basic drill of fire safety to fire safety audit and emergency management manual or fire safety plan. These differ in their functionality and complete the entire cycle of fire safety across basic awareness and precaution to maintenance and a readiness for protection too.

Training Modules

1. Basic Fire Safety
2. Basic Life support
3. CPR with AED
4. Evacuation Drills
5. Hydrants operations
7. Electrical Safety
8. Women's Safety pProgramme

Other Services

1. Wis Awareness
2. Fire Safety Audit
5. Emergency Management Manual
6. E learning

Pre-Sales Facilitation

Innovative Emergency Management is a pioneering program of effectively handling an emergency before professional help arrives. The entire program is based on a premise of the ‘Strike four -The first four minutes of any emergency crisis are the most crucial and can mean the difference between life and death. ‘

Thus, the program empowers people in delivering the importance of these critical four minutes and its efficient handling to save life and property. Another unique attribute is the degree of customization to suit one’s needs. The program is customized to suit the needs of different industries viz Engineering, Pharma, Textiles as well as for high rise buildings, software parks, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and apartments.


Post Sales Service

The post sales service at Usha Armour is a full service engagement, interconnected to different probable situations to offer a one stop solution for the client.


The post purchase decision demands a set up that’s convenient and effective in delivering the needs of a client. Usually, our installation process is followed by a demo and we offer free installation within a month of purchase


The technology-rich equipment needs a certain environment and way of handling. A misuse results in repair needs. Some of these are covered in the warranty period, as for the others we have a highly talented pool of skilled workers ready to serve your needs.


Generally, Usha Armour does not offer a replacement as part of AMC except when specified. However, we would monitor the functionality and suggest a replacement both in times of malfunction and not functioning optimally.


The Post-sales customer service team works to upkeep a mutually beneficial relationship. We periodically present to you an upgrade plan to match the growth of your organizational needs.


The entire functions of post sales are consolidated to offer you a comprehensive solution. However, the post sales service can be opted as modules to meet your organizational goals as per your discretion.

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The Basic Fire Safety programmed raises awareness and understanding of the extent of damage that fire can cause, the responsibility of every employee in preventing an outbreak, and what to do in the event of a fire.

  • Case studies of various fire accidents
  • Fire Response / Evacuation procedures
  • Causes of fire and hazard spotting
  • Demonstration – Skill Building Exercises
  • LPG / Electrical safety

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Our Services

Fire safety is crucial, and it's important to have your fire extinguishers regularly inspected and
serviced by professionals to ensure they are in proper working condition when you need them.


Refilling of Fire Extinguisher:

Refilling of Fire extinguisher carried out the professional trained technicians, where the process involved is from Discharging the Fire extinguishing agent, carrying the Hydraulic power testing (HPT ), inspecting for any damage to the cylinder and the spares, refilling the new agent, finally pressurizing the cylinder with nitrogen for 15 bars.

Refilling – Mobile Van

Mobile-VAN for Refilling of Fire Extinguisher at your site is one of the most convenient and efficient method for businesses to have their fire extinguishers refilled on-site, without the need to transport them to a remote location. Its Transparent and its in front of you, the technicians working in the van are trained and certified to refill and recharge extinguishers, ensuring that the work is done safely and effectively.


Refilling – Mobile Van

amcfire App is a Major step towards the digitalization of servicing of Fire Extinguishers Having fire extinguishing equipment in good working condition is extremely critical to ensure fire safety. Conducting regular inspections of the equipment and streamlining repairs helps protect both people and property. Usha Armour’s amcfire App is designed to help safety managers of respective companies conduct regular inspections of fire extinguishers installed in their facilities. The app helps users to get a detailed view of the inspection and reports while helping assess the working conditions of the equipment. amcfire App helps its users to increase business productivity, save time and money, eliminate paperwork and go green.


AMC of Fire Extinguisher:

Servicing of Fire Extinguisher: PM activity is necessary in every organization, knowing our extinguisher condition and maintaining it is a very big and responsible job. Here we give you a solution with a team of trained technicians by visiting the premises and conducting a PM activity as per the standard, producing the report through which your extinguisher working condition can me guaranteed

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