Post Sales Service

The post sales service at Usha Armour is a full service engagement, interconnected to different probable situations to offer a one stop solution for the client.


The post purchase decision demands a set up that’s convenient and effective in delivering the needs of a client. Usually, our installation process is followed by a demo and we offer free installation within a month of purchase


The technology-rich equipment needs a certain environment and way of handling. A misuse results in repair needs. Some of these are covered in the warranty period, as for the others we have a highly talented pool of skilled workers ready to serve your needs.


Generally, Usha Armour does not offer a replacement as part of AMC except when specified. However, we would monitor the functionality and suggest a replacement both in times of malfunction and not functioning optimally.


The Post-sales customer service team works to upkeep a mutually beneficial relationship. We periodically present to you an upgrade plan to match the growth of your organizational needs.


The entire functions of post sales are consolidated to offer you a comprehensive solution. However, the post sales service can be opted as modules to meet your organizational goals as per your discretion.

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