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Usha Armour is an innovative, state of the art life and property saving company, with unique life saving products and is a well known safety and protection solutions provider.

An established player in the Indian market with over 3 decades of experience, it offers a complete range of safety and security systems; both specialized and customized – to fit varied industrial, commercial, institutional and residential environment needs.

Usha Armour is also the pioneer of the well acclaimed, Innovative Emergency Management and safety training programs that have helped create efficient. Emergency Response Teams (ERT) all over the country. The programs equip clients and customers with practical training for effective utilization of the products and services in times of emergency and dire needs. A specialized training unit ensures quality control and efficient deliveries.

Usha Armour understands the critical nature of association with its clients and always advocates a client first policy ensuring effective communication and world class service to all the clients that we deal with.

Usha Armour is anchored in Bengaluru and Gurgaon with network operations across India to meet any need anytime anywhere.

Jayasheel Adappa

Chief Executive Officer

From The CEO’s Desk

Accidents should not occur – we sincerely wish so!!

But isn’t it always better that we are adequately prepared to handle any emergency at any time? This can only be possible if we are properly equipped with appropriate equipments & skills. It has thus been our endeavor & philosophy to provide the same all over India throughout our 25 year old journey so far and touch the life of every Indian.

Since 1991, we have been serving our customers with emergency management, occupational health & safety products, training programs, safety audits & services products. Our two decade old training portfolio offers specialized programs such as basic fire safety, basic life support, evacuation drills, hydrant training, electrical safety programs which are now annual rituals in most companies.

We have come up with numerous innovative products, some of which are internationally certified and have been the first to be manufactured in the country for life safety in high rise buildings.

Some of the innovations have been great successes like the evacuation chairs, lift-able wheel chair, foldable stretchers, fire sniper systems, smoke hoods, attractive first aid boxes etc.

As a company, we have a huge passion and focus towards assuring life safety especially in high rise buildings.We are continuously working on inventing better equipments, trainings, audits for making high rise living safer and easier.

We aim to bring our more innovative, simpler, cost effective equipments so that India can be self reliant in the field of safety.Our customers can be best assured that we will put in a lot of thought, energy & investment in bringing out more and more innovative life safety products for high rise living.


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Why Us?

Usha Armour offers you more than one reason to choose its systems and services to make an impact on your life positively.
  • High-Quality Safety and security systems
  • Comprehensive range
  • Product Innovation
  • Passion driven organization
  • Technical expertise

Our Recognition

Usha Armour offers you more than one reason to choose its systems and services to make an impact on your life positively.

Certification of Registration of Design by Australian Government

Certification of Registration of Design by Government of India

Certificate by intellectual property corporation of Malaysia

Management System in Line Certificate by TUV NORD


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