Indirect Fire Sniper System

Our Indirect fire sniper systems are designed for the protection of larger cabinets, fume hoods, electrical panels, servers rack, UPS, battery rack etc which calls for a simultaneous release of extinguishing media at a rapid speed.

The indirect fire sniper system comprises of mild steel container with extinguishing media, pneumatic indirect actuation valve, linear heat sensing cable, steel tubing with spray nozzles and manual release systems. a heat sense cable runs across the equipment to be protected.

The heat sensitive cable senses fire and heat at a temperature of 180 C, The heat senses cable melts and closes the circuit. which will actuate Indirect valve. The pressurised fire extinguishing media enters the steel tubing through strategically placed nozzles.

It is sprayed all around the equipment and the fire is put off instantaneously. The system is fully automatic; the system is also provided with a manual release button which can be used to activate the system manually if required.

The Resguardo indirect fire sniper systems are recommended to be used for transformers, wind turbines, CNC machines etc.

POWDER TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER (MAP 90%) Technical Specification:-

Capacity1 Kg2 Kg4 Kg6 Kg9 Kg
MAP Content90%90%90%90%90%
Fire Rating1A 21B1A 34B3A 89B4A 144B6A 233B
Diameter (MM)85±0.5107±0.5140±0.5160±0.5174±0.5
Total Height (MM)328±2380±2432±2475±2575±2
Empty weight (KG) Approx.1.11.322.43.1
Full weight (KG) Approx2.13.368.412.1
Avg. Effective Discharge Time08 SEC10 SEC14 SEC.20 SEC.23 SEC.
Operating temperature-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C
Service Pressure15 bar15 bar15 bar15 bar15 bar
Maximum Service Pressure16.5 bar16.5 bar16.5 bar16.5 bar16.5 bar
Test Pressure35 bar35 bar35 bar35 bar35 bar

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Indirect Fire Sniper System

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