Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

Proper Lockout/Tagout (LOTO Kit) practices and procedures safeguard workers from the sudden release of hazardous energy. Energy sources, including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, and others found in machines and equipment, can pose significant risks to workers. During servicing and maintenance activities, the unexpected startup or release of stored energy can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities for workers.

Mechanical Lockout-Tagout Safety – Prevent unexpected movement: Our mechanical lockout solutions provide a secure barrier, ensuring machinery stays in a safe, non-operational state during maintenance.”

Electrical Lockout-Tagout Safety – Safeguard against electrical hazards: Our lockout devices for electrical systems guarantee that circuits remain de-energized, protecting workers from potential shock or electrocution.

Valve Lockout-Tagout Safety – Control fluid flow: Our valve lockout solutions offer a foolproof way to isolate and secure valves, reducing the risk of accidental releases during maintenance activities.

POWDER TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER (MAP 90%) Technical Specification:-

Capacity1 Kg2 Kg4 Kg6 Kg9 Kg
MAP Content90%90%90%90%90%
Fire Rating1A 21B1A 34B3A 89B4A 144B6A 233B
Diameter (MM)85±0.5107±0.5140±0.5160±0.5174±0.5
Total Height (MM)328±2380±2432±2475±2575±2
Empty weight (KG) Approx.1.11.322.43.1
Full weight (KG) Approx2.13.368.412.1
Avg. Effective Discharge Time08 SEC10 SEC14 SEC.20 SEC.23 SEC.
Operating temperature-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C
Service Pressure15 bar15 bar15 bar15 bar15 bar
Maximum Service Pressure16.5 bar16.5 bar16.5 bar16.5 bar16.5 bar
Test Pressure35 bar35 bar35 bar35 bar35 bar

Mechanical Lockout Tagout solutions:

A comprehensive range of devices for equipment isolation and worker safety.

Electrical Lockout Tagout solutions:

Safeguard Your Workplace with Premium Safety Solutions.

Valve Lockout Tagout solutions:

Secure and efficient lockout devices for various valve types and comprehensive lockout management.

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO Kit) Benefits:

We offer comprehensive solutions to meet your fire prevention and firefighting needs!

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