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Smart – Evac Evacuation Management System is the most comprehensive Evacuation Management System to track the Zonal / Floor level evacuation and also to track the evacuation of differently abled and pregnant women. The complete system comprises of Floor level / Plant level Evacuation Management Station wall mounted next to the fire exits with tag boxes & tags. The tag control station will be with its building / plant evacuation supervisor.

In case of an emergency, once the alarm is raised, the designated ERT / Floor warden who is responsible for evacuating their particular zone/floor, ensures that each and every room is checked and marks the room “checked” post-it to every door.

In each zone, the ERT member will be the last person to leave the zone/floor. On reaching the Fire exit, he has to reach out to the “SMART-EVAC” Management station, open the Zonal tag box,
pick the particular Zone tag, bring it to the Safe Assembly Point and hand it over to the building
evacuation supervisor.

The Building evacuation supervisor will place it in the corresponding tag slot of the particular floor. Hence the building evacuation supervisor will have complete control of the zonal/floor level evacuation proceedings with knowledge of the exact time factor.

In the meantime, while the differently abled/pregnant women are assisted by their designated special aids/ERT members, they shall move towards the “SMART-EVAC” Management station, and reach out to the PEEP tag box. The ERT member will open the “PEEP-tag-box” pick the specific personalized tag of the differently abled/pregnant women, move to the safe assembly point and handover the tag to the building evacuation supervisor. Hence the building evacuation supervisor will also have complete control over the evacuation of differently abled/pregnant women.

The Security team which generally conducts the secondary search will also check the “SMART-EVAC” Management station to cross verify the presence of any Zone tags or PEEP tags and give further assistance.

The “SMART-EVAC” Management System along with Zonal layouts, tags, tag slots, tag control stations and tags for differently abled are building / tower / floor specific and can be completely customized. Once the “all-clear” signal is given, the building supervisor has to keep the zonal tags and PEEP tags back in the “SMART-EVAC” track system.

“In case of fire” , “ Do not use the lift ” , “ Use the stairs ” – Generally these signages are displayed in the lift lobby to warn people against using lifts during a fire accident and to guide them to use the stairs instead, as a lot of fatalities have occurred when people got trapped in lifts during a fire scenario.

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