Foldable Stretcher

Most people work in offices located in high rise buildings today. However many of the lifts in these buildings cannot accommodate a stretcher in case of high-rise medical evacuations. Therefore, it is critical that the casualty must be administered oxygen while being moved quickly and securely to the ground floor or to the hospital. 

Our product can facilitate easy evacuation as it can be fitted with an 02 Kit which can provide oxygen supply on the move. In tricky evacuations involving stairs, there is a risk of patient slipping downwards from the stretcher and further injuring themselves. To avoid such accidents, there is a foot pouch which prevents sliding down. We believe that ease of operation can help save lives, so we have designed our stretcher keeping this firmly in mind.

Why Is It Necessary?

It is difficult to store a regular stretcher as it cannot be folded and it is also tough to handle it on landings of stair cases


1. Weight of the stretcher: With 02 Kit 11.2 kgs, Without 02 Kit 6.7 kg.
2. It can take a maximum load of 150 Kg it is foldable, lightweight, portable and Ease of Storage.
3. It is made up of Aluminium Tubular Construction
4. Flexible holder pouch to place the Resguardo Oxygen Kit
5. Foot Pouch to hold and lock the feet of the victim.
6. The product is CE Approved as per standards EN ISO 13485 : 2016

Product Code: 03GENLFAIDFSTR002


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