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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is one of the leading causes of death in India and all over the world. Globally, more than 350,000 people suffer from sudden cardiac arrest. This can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, at any age. During a sudden cardiac arrest, the victim’s heart stops pumping blood due to an electrical malfunction in the heart. If the heart does not pump oxygenated blood to the victim’s brain, it starts to die in 4 minutes, and within 8 minutes, the death of the brain becomes permanent.

There are two types of AEDs manufactured by Defibtec, namely, Lifeline AED and Lifeline AUTO one is semi-automatic, and the second one is fully automatic. Both AEDs are similar in appearance; the only difference is that the semi-automatic Lifeline AED has a shock button, where the user has to press the button to deliver a shock to the victim. On the other hand, the fully automatic Lifeline AUTO does not have a shock button and can deliver a shock to the victim without any manual interference.


The Philips HeartStart OnSite assists you through the process of treating a victim of suspected sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and is the only AED available over the counter. The OnSite AED provides practical realtime guidance through step-by-step voice commands and CPR guidance. The device is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings, including offices, schools, sports venues, and public spaces. It comes with clear and concise voice prompts that guide the user through the entire process, from placing the electrode pads on the victim’s chest to delivering a shock if necessary.

The Philips HeartStart OnSite AED is equipped with SMART Analysis technology, which can quickly and accurately assess the victim’s heart rhythm and determine whether a shock is needed. If a shock is required, the device will deliver it automatically, ensuring that the victim receives the treatment they need as quickly as possible. 

In addition to its life-saving capabilities, the Philips HeartStart OnSite AED is also incredibly easy to maintain. The device performs self-tests regularly to ensure that it is always ready to use, and it comes with clear instructions on how to perform any necessary maintenance tasks.

Overall, the Philips HeartStart OnSite AED is an essential tool for anyone who wants to be prepared in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. Its ease of use, portability, and life-saving capabilities make it an excellent choice for individuals, businesses, and organizations alike.


Statistics show that only 50% of sudden cardiac arrest victims will initially need a shock to revive the heart, but nearly all require high-quality CPR.

The Zoll AED Plus SS (Semi-Automatic) is a state-of-the-art automated external defibrillator that provides a complete solution for first responders and bystanders in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. 

The AED Plus SS is equipped with the latest technologies to guide rescuers through every step of the resuscitation process, including CPR coaching and Real CPR Help® feedback that provides real-time feedback on the quality of CPR being administered.

The device also features Zoll’s unique one-piece electrode pad design, which simplifies electrode placement and reduces the risk of errors. The Zoll AED Plus SS is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for any public access setting.

The AED Plus SS is reliable, durable, and easy to maintain, making it a valuable investment for any organization or individual looking to improve their emergency response capabilities.

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