Evacuation Mat

During an emergency in a hospital, patients who are unconscious or immobile can be evacuated easily through the staircase using the evacuation mat. The evacuation mat is stored beneath the hospital mattress, which helps us to use it quickly during emergencies. Perfect for safe and effective evacuation of frail or immobile children or adults, the emergency evacuation mat is designed for use in premises where staircases or fire exits are too narrow to allow for mattress evacuation or in instances where evacuation chairs are not available.

This evacuation mat has a tough vinyl-coated base, with a foot pouch at one end to prevent the patient from slipping. It is also equipped with pulling handles at each end and buckles to securely strap the patient during transfer. For the safe transfer of a patient with the evacuation mat, two people are needed during patient handling. Truly, so many lives can be saved with this practically-made evacuation mat.

Emergency Evacuation Mat Features:



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Evacuation Mat

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