Escape Smoke Hood

Escape Smoke Hood is a personal protective device that can be used for respiratory, head and eye protection against smoke and toxic gases during a fire accident.

In most fire accidents it is not fire but smoke which causes severe damage and even loss of life. In modern buildings and industrial fires the smoke contains toxic gases like Carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), hydrogen chloride (HCL), Acrolein (C3H40) & other poisonous gases which are extremely dangerous and can cause convulsions, tissue death, blistering, breathlessness and death in minutes if inhaled.

In every building/industry there are vulnerable people and emergency support groups who need a little more time to escape as compared to the regular occupants viz. OT Doctors/Staffs/Nurses/Server Room/Network Room Engineers/Lab scientists/Process Engineers/Complex Machine Operators, ERT Members.

This group of people may need an extended time to escape as they have to follow certain shutdown procedures before they can leave the building when the fire alarm rings.

The Escape Smoke Hood is a simple device with mechanical and chemical filters which can block toxic gases and give them the precious time of 15 minutes to escape safely from the building. It is therefore a must for all office buildings, hospitals, industries, hotels, high rise buildings, public entertainment places, schools, colleges etc.

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Escape Smoke Hood

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