Smart Evac Management System is the most comprehensive Evacuation Management System to track the Zonal / Floor level evacuation and also to track the evacuation of differently abled and pregnant women.

The complete system comprises of Floor level/ Plant level Evacuation Management Station wall mounted next to the Fire exits with Tag boxes & tags. The Tag control station will be with its building /plant evacuation supervisor.


  • In case of an emergency , once of the alarm is raised, the designated ERT/Floor warden – responsible for evacuating their particular zone/floor , ensures each and every room is checked  and  marks the room checked “post- it” to every door.
  • Under each zone, the ERT member will be the last person to leave the zone /floor. On reaching the Fire exit, he has to reach out to the “SMART-EVAC” Management station, open the Zonal tag box, pick the particular Zone tag and bring it to the Safe assembly point and hand it over to the building evacuation supervisor.
  • Building evacuation supervisor will place it in the corresponding tag slot of the particular team. Hence building evacuation supervisor will have complete control of the zonal/floor level evacuation proceedings with exact time factor.
  • In the meantime, while the differently abled /pregnant women are assisted by their special aids/ ERT members designated, they shall move towards the “SMART-EVAC” Management station”, and reach out to the PEEP tag box.
  • The ERT member opens the “PEEP-tag box” pick the specific personalized tag of the differently abled/pregnant women and move to the safe assembly point and handover the tag to building evacuation supervisor. Hence the building evacuation supervisor will also have a complete control on the evacuation of differently abled/pregnant women.
  • The Security team which generally attends Secondary search will also check the “SMART-EVAC” Management station to cross verify the presence of any Zone tags or PEEP tags and give further assistance.

The “SMART-EVAC Management Station along with Zonal layouts ,tags, tag slots , tag control stations and tags for differently abled are building / tower/ floor specific and can be completely customized. 


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Smart Evac” Management System

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