O2 Kit

O2 Kits are versatile and designed to provide your staff and/or patients with protection in the case of any medical Emergencies, from fainting to cardiac arrest. They provide a supplementary oxygen supply while also reducing pain and Discomfort.

Why Is It Necessary?

Oxygen: The difference between life and disaster

Accidents can happen and in many cases, time can be the difference between life and death. Any medical emergency, even minor ones, can cause hypoxia or insufficient oxygen supply to the tissues which can cause Pain, discomfort and possibly even death. Therefore, it is important to have effective medical aids in place, while waiting for the Ambulance to arrive.

The ability to administer supplemental oxygen is imperative during medical emergencies such as breathlessness, sudden Cardiac or pulmonary arrest. However, mouth to mouth resuscitation only delivers 16% of oxygen while 6 LPM oxygen Administered resuscitation only delivers 50%. In acute medical emergencies, this is unlikely to be enough. That is why our O2 Kits utilize a 12 LPM oxygen flow so that 100 percent oxygen is delivered to the patient ensuring a quick recovery and thereby Preventing fatalities.

O2 Kit

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