Evacuation Chair Premium Model

Evacuating differently abled or pregnant women from high-rise buildings to safety, in case of any emergency such as fire, bomb threat, earthquake etc., is the biggest challenge as the lifts are generally grounded in such scenarios.

During a fire the critical time for evacuating the people at floor level is 2.5 minutes since fire and smoke can engulf the entire floor.The Evacuation chair is a comfortable chair that moves effortlessly on wheels over flat surfaces and simply glides down the staircase. The Evacuation / Rescue chair is a single operator model that can be easily operated by just one person.


The premium evacuation chair has a certificate of registration of design by the controller general of patents, design and trademarks, the patent office Government of India (the design No 251683 dated 15/2/2013). The product is also CE approved as per standards EN ISO 13485:2012 (Certificate No 23490).


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Evacuation Chair Premium Model

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