Foldable stretcher is a light weight foldable, portable easy to store stretcher, which can be used to shift immobile conscious or unconscious people to safety. It is made of light weight aluminium alloy and metal body with a body of PVC coated polyster sheet with grippers for better handling.

Why Is It Necessary?

It is difficult to store a regular stretcher as it cannot be folded and it is also tough to handle it on landings of stair cases

Foldable Stretcher

Product Code: 03GENLFAIDFSTR002

  •  Helps to move the person in case of Medical Emergency.
  •  Made of high-intensity Aluminium tubular construction.
  •  Lightweight, small, portable and safe.
  •  Metal Construction with durable cloth & gripper for better handling
  •  Made of PVC Coated Polyster Sheet – Green
  • Open: 220 X 55 X 15 CM
  •  Closed: 110 X 18 X 13 CM
  •  Weight: 6.7 Kgs
  • Load: 150 Kgs
  • Manufacturing Industries
  •  High Rise Buildings
  •  Software Industries
  •  Hospitals
  •  Ambulances
  •  Hotels
  •  Malls
  •  Schools
  •  Apartments


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