Refilling Machine

We offer state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically for refilling fire extinguishers. With our advanced technology and expertise in fire safety, we provide efficient and reliable solutions for maintaining the readiness of your extinguishers.

Our extinguisher refilling machines are built with precision and adhere to the highest industry standards. They are designed to handle various types of extinguishers, including ABC, CO2, water, foam, and more. Whether you are a fire safety professional, a maintenance service provider, or a business owner, our machines are tailored to meet your specific needs.

POWDER TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER (MAP 90%) Technical Specification:-

Capacity1 Kg2 Kg4 Kg6 Kg9 Kg
MAP Content90%90%90%90%90%
Fire Rating1A 21B1A 34B3A 89B4A 144B6A 233B
Diameter (MM)85±0.5107±0.5140±0.5160±0.5174±0.5
Total Height (MM)328±2380±2432±2475±2575±2
Empty weight (KG) Approx.1.11.322.43.1
Full weight (KG) Approx2.13.368.412.1
Avg. Effective Discharge Time08 SEC10 SEC14 SEC.20 SEC.23 SEC.
Operating temperature-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C-20°C TO +60°C
Service Pressure15 bar15 bar15 bar15 bar15 bar
Maximum Service Pressure16.5 bar16.5 bar16.5 bar16.5 bar16.5 bar
Test Pressure35 bar35 bar35 bar35 bar35 bar

Powder Filling Machine Features:




Main Manifold:



Evacuation mattress

Evacuatoin chair hospital model

first aid kit box

Foldable stretcher with o2 kit

We offer comprehensive solutions to meet your fire prevention and firefighting needs!

Refilling Machine

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