Ideal for Concealed in-accessible unmanned micro environments..

Most companies and establishments have full-‑edged ­fire detection and protection systems such as ­fire alarms, hydrants, sprinklers, ­fire extinguishers etc., But there are quite a few important additional equipment’s, machineries and electrical panel boards which require a customized micro level protection as these are the hidden, in-accessible, unmanned points, where in the ­fire can originate and spread through the building or the plant. Fire Sniper systems are simple, cost effective and maintenance free. This pre-engineered system can address the issues at its origin and at the incipient level.

The system comprises of a cylinder charged with the extinguishing agent, actuation valve with pressure gauge and the polyamide heat and ‑flame detection tube. The polyamide heat and ‑flame (110°C – 140° C) detection tube is red in color, ‑flexible and can be routed inside the cabinet or equipment’s – close to the point of ­re risk.

In case of ‑flame impingement or exposure to heat, the pressurized tube will burst at the hottest point.

The ­re extinguishing agent is discharged through the burst point directly to the heart of the fi­re.


  1. Chemical – Dodec‑uoro -2- methylpentan -3-one
  2. Zero ozone depletion potential
  3. 5-day atmospheric lifetime
  4. Low Global warming potential
  5. Electrically nonconductive
  6. UL Recognized and FM Approved

Why LPCB?? 

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) is the leading international Certification Body in the fields of security and fire protection. LPCB approval is recognised by governments and regulatory authorities across the world.

The LPCB approval process involves assessment and testing of products to ensure that they meet quality standards set by a team of experts who may be regulators, insurers, designers, manufacturers, installers, engineers and scientists. Approval of products is usually based on testing undertaken by the LPCB’s world-renowned testing laboratories.  This approval is maintained by regular audits to ensure that the product continues to meet the approval criteria.

Our Prestigious LPCB Approved Fire sniper System ensures the Quality and Reliability, which has under gone the Stringent Tests at UK Lab Viz.

  1. Fire Extinguishment Test
  • Detection Tube Activation
  • Agent Extinguishment Tests
  • Perimeter Fire Test
  1. System Discharge Test
  • Minimum Flow Condition Test
  • Maximum Flow Condition Test
  1. Component Examination and Test
  • Pressure Strength Test
    • Containers
    • Control Valve
    • Tube and Ancillary Fitting
    • Leakage Test
    • Corrosion Test
  1. Pneumatic Heat Detector Agent Test Post Aging Test


  • The System is with LPCB Approval and the Certificate Number is LPS: 1666: Issue 1.0Cert/LPCB ref. 1604a
  • The product is also CE approved & the certificate no is 23407.
  • Approval For Extinguishing Agent
  • UL Approval & FM approval

LPCB Fire Sniper System

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