All over the world, several documented Disaster Management Reports have stated that kitchen fire in food service industry can wreck quite a havoc, if there are no quick and reliable Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems in place. In order to avoid such an accident and irreparable damage, it is recommended that commercial kitchens install pre-engineered, automatic, fire suppression systems especially designed to protect areas associated with ventilating (including cooker hoods, extraction ducting, plenums and filters) and cooking equipment (such as deep fat fryers, griddles, range tops; upright, natural charcoal or chain-type broilers, electric, lava rock, mesquite or gas-radiant char-broilers and woks).

Let us take this opportunity to introduce you to Resguardo kitchen fire suppression system. A compact and robust unit. The Resguardo fire suppression system is comprises pressurized extinguishing agent storage container with a discharge valve and actuated using a solenoid valve, which can be operated manually or automatically.

Resguardo - The answer to all kitchen Fire safety
After actuation & discharge of wet chemical, if water is supplied through the same nozzles, it will aid the generated foam blanket to stay for a long time without burning. Water cools down the surrounding hot surface temperature. It also cools down hot oil by bringing its temperature below auto ignition point. This will reduce the risk of re-ignition. Water supply can be provided in the following two ways.
  1. Water assisted system through water sprinkler line
  2. Water assisted wet chemical system through separate water storage system



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Kitchen Fire Sniper Systems - Video

Fire sniper systems are simple, cost effective and maintainence free. This pre-engineered systems can address the issues at its origin and at the incipient level. The system comprises of a cylinder charged with the extinguishing agent, actuation valve with pressure guage and the polymer heat and flame detection tube.

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