First Aid Kit

Today it takes more than an hour for an ambulance to reach an accident site & a person can bleed to death if not administered first aid on time . Hence it is essential to keep a portable first aid kit on your premises so that immediate help can be given in a medical emergency and lives can be saved.
The First AID Kit is very attractive and made of ABS Plastic in different colors like red and green with a transparent ABS plastic cover through which the contents of the first aid kit are partially visible. It is customized with internal partitions to keep the contents in order. The First AID Kit can be hung on the wall with the help of hooks or brackets. It is very handy and portable & can be easily removed from the wall and taken to the accident site in a medical emergency so that first AID can be administered effectively. The kit has 18 components with 33 items.

Why Is It Necessary?

If adequate first aid is not administered during a medical emergency, a person can bleed to death or suffer from serious injuries.
First Aid Kit-01

First Aid Kit

Product Code: 03RESGFAIDFAK-G

First Aid Box – Vinyl Large Kits

Product Code: 03USHAAFAIDVL02

First Aid Box – Vinyl Family Kit

Product Code: 03RESGFAIDFAK-G

First Aid Box – Pillow Type

Product Code: 03USHAAFAIDPK01

Artificial Resuscitator

Product Code: 03GENLFAIDARS01

First Aid Box – Metal Medium – Acrylic Door

Product Code: 03USHAAFAIDMTLBOX-01

Waterjel Heat Shield – 96″ X 72″

Product Code: 03WJELFAIDBLKT68

Centralised First Aid Station



Product Code: 03CHNAFAIDDFT6BHD01

Mouth to Mouth Resuscitator Flex Mask

Product Code: 03SPENFAIDCPR01

Waterjel Burn Dressing – 4″ X 4″

Product Code: 03WJELFAIDDRES144

Waterjel Fire Blanket – 72″ X 60″

Product Code: 03WJELFAIDBLKT56

Waterjel Burn Dressing For Facial Burns – 12″ X 16″

Product Code: 03WJELFAIDDRES1216

Waterjel Burn Dressing – 18″ X 8″

Product Code: 03WJELFAIDDRES144

Electrical Shock Treatment Chart

Product Code: 01GENLSIGNCHT029

First Aid Kit

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