Fire Suppression System

A Fire sniper is an “automatic fire suppression system”, which has a pressurised tube with extinguishing agent which bursts open on exposure to heat or in case of contact with a flame, and puts off the fire at its origin in concealed, inaccessible, unmanned environments.

Why Is It Necessary?

Most fire accidents originate from short circuits, in concealed, inaccessible, unmanned micro environments which when unnoticed can build up into a huge fire accident.

  • Inner Shell – ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene).
  •  Outer Cap – 100% cotton.
  •  Perforated sides allow cross ventilation for better air circulation.
  • Available in orange color.
  • The product Design is certified by the controller general of patents, Design and Trademarks,the patent office, Government of India. (The Design;No. 263306).
  •  ERT Members
  •  ORT Members
  •  CRT Members
  • EMT Members
  •  Factory Supervisor
  •  Plant Engineer
  •  Maintenance workers
  •  Factory Operators

Fire Suppression System

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