Fire Man Suit

The Fire Man Suit enables the fire fighter to fight the fire from close proximity, even in a High-Rise Building on fire where the temperatures can reach up to 1985ºF (1085ºC) at which temperature even Brass starts melting.

Fire Man Suit Consists of:

  •  Strap wings is made up of PVC coated polyester fabric.
  •  Body strap is a Velcro belt which secures the body firmly on the bed.
  •  Protective Flash Hood
  •  Fireman Glove
  •  Fireman Boot

We are a life and property saving company based in Bangalore, India with two decades of experience in the field of safety! 

The biggest challenge for any rescue person or fire fighter is smoke, heat and flame. The personnel protection of these fire fighters and rescue persons are also important. Hence, to overcome this problem fireman suit and SCBA are required.

Recently in New York on august 18, 2007, a 53-year-old male career fire fighter (victim #1) and a 33-year-old male career fire fighter (victim #2) became trapped in the maze-like conditions of a high-rise building undergoing deconstruction. 

The building’s standpipe system had been disconnected during the deconstruction and the partitions constructed for asbestos abatement prohibited fire fighters from getting water to the seat of the fire.

An hour into the incident, the fire department was able to supply water by running an external hose line up the side of the structure. Soon after the victims began to operate their hose line, they ran out of air. 

The victims suffered severe smoke inhalation and were transported to a metropolitan hospital in cardiac arrest where they succumbed to their injuries. By the time the fire was extinguished, 115 fire fighters had suffered a variety of injuries. My if they would have worn the SCBA their lives could be saved.

Fire man suit provide protection from heat and flame whereas the SCBA provides protection from smoke. While fighting against the fire both have equal importance.

Resguardo fire suit is made up 4 different layers which protects from fire and also repels water. It is very much light in weight and flexible because of which donning and doffing is very easy and saves time. 

Fire Man Suit

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