Fire Man Suit

The fire suit enables the fire fighter to fight the fire from close proximity, even in a High-Rise Building on fire where the temperatures can reach up to 1985ºF (1085ºC) at which temperature even Brass starts melting. Fire Man Suit Consists of:  
  •  Strap wings is made up of PVC coated polyester fabric.
  •  Body strap is a Velcro belt which secures the body firmly on the bed.
  •  Protective Flash Hood
  •  Fireman Glove
  •  Fireman Boot
  • It is made of antistatic fibre to provide resistance from static electricity when fabric is exposed to friction or rubbing.
  •  It provides protection from low volume chemical splash, mist, environmental hazards, cold & hot environment & low voltage electrical hazards
  •  It has four layers:
    •  Outer layer
    •  Moisture barrier
    •  Thermal barrier
    •  Inner lining
  • It has an anti-scratch outer coating and anti-fog visor

It is resistant to fire for long periods up to 260ºC.

  • Shell is made up of composite material Thermoplastic.
  •  It has polycarbonate coated visor.
  •  It is provided with a FR cotton which is coated with Aluminium for neck protection.
  •  It has an interior shock absorber made of Polyurethane foam.
  •  It has interior ventilating channels for sweat absorption.
  •  It has a comfortable flame retardant cotton chinstrap.
    • Protective Hood is flame and abrasion resistant. It provides thermal insulation to the sensitive parts of our head.

    • Fireman gloves provide protection to the hands and are also water repellent.
    •  It is characterized by fire resistant and heat insulation, wear durability, waterproof, etc.

  • Insulative fireman boots come in black and yellow colour. It has vulcanized rubber uppers and soles. And is lined with Woven Cotton material.
  •  It is flame retardant and waterproof.
  •  The soles are slip resistant, highly durable and have minimum heel impact
  •  It has a steel midsole which provides protection from pins and sharp objects.
  •  It has steel toe caps.
  •  It is resistant to mild acids and alkalis.
  •  It has lacquer coating for weather protection.

Fire Man Suit

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