Evacuation Chair Regular Model

Evacuation chair is a new concept in evacuating differently abled, elderly people and pregnant women from apartment quickly to the safe assembly point during emergencies such as fire, bomb threat, earthquake etc, is the biggest challenge as the lifts are generally grounded. During such scenarios the critical time for evacuating the personnel at floor level is 2.5 minutes since fire and smoke can engulf the entire floor. Evacuation chair is a comfortable chair which can glide over the staircase and also moves comfortably on the floor. Evacuation chair is a single operator model and requires only one person to operate.

Why Is It Necessary?

The regular wheel chair cannot move in areas without ramps and cannot be used to shift immobile people from the basement to the higher floors.


         Features :- 

  • Powder coated aluminum frame body, 25mm (thickness)
  •  Build to withstand a load of 150kgs
  • Total weight of the evacuation chair is 13.5kgs
  • CE approved : EN ISO 13485:2016
  • Smooth metal gliders with a thick canvas rubber belt
  • Soft & Comfortable seat with high density cushioning
  • Foldable & Provides Convenience of storage

Design No - 265136


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