Evacuation Chair Hospital Model

A hospital’s biggest challenge during a fire, earthquake or bomb threat is the safe evacuation of their patients; especially the critically ill patients. It is crucial that this is done as quickly and safely as possible to avoid further injury or discomfort to the patients.

For critical situations like this, we have manufactured the hospital model evacuation chair which can glide over the stairs and help in safe & speedy evacuation. It comes fitted with an I.V fluid holder and bracket for carrying the RESGUARDO oxygen kit making the administration of oxygen and fluid much easier for the caregiver.
USP the hospital model evacuation chair is a comfortable chair which can glide over the staircase and which also moves comfortably on the floor level. The Evacuation chair is a single operator model & requires only one person to operate.


The hospital evacuation chair has a certificate of registration of design by the controller general of patents, design and trademarks, the patent office Government of India (the design No 251683 dated 15/2/2013).The product is also CE approved as per standards EN ISO 13485:2012 (Certificate No 23490).

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Evacuation Chair Hospital Model

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