FR ERT vests

The FR ERT vest is made of fire resistant material designed to resist burning & withstand heat. This vest is most appropriate for ERT members, who are expected to fight small fires in office building c industries. These are much better than the regular vests made of polyester, which can catch fire easily and are very unsafe.

Fire resistant ERT vests are available in bright orange colors & have Reflective tape – (2inches), Fasteners & a zipper .It also has one pocket on the right side to keep any documents. (grab sheets/ head count sheet etc), 3 pockets on the left hand side to keep a torch, pen and whistle& it also has one pocket on the inner side of the jacket. The ERT logo is printed on the front side & the firefighter and medical logo is printed on the backside of the jacket.

Bump Cap Applications

This vest can be used by-


Bump cap

fire escape smoke hood

First aid kit

Foldable stretcher with O2 kit: Emergency medical equipment for immediate response and patient care.

Foldable stretcher with o2 kit

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