Emergency Management Confined Space Trolley

As we know every facility manager faces the challenge of effectively managing confined spaces such as tanks, tunnels, vessels, storage bins, manholes, effluent treatment plants etc. Regular maintenance and cleaning jobs in a confined space can be life threatening. The presences of toxic gases, chemicals, flammable /combustible gases and vapors as well as lack of lighting and high level of noise in a confined space can only make the situation worse.

Hence, it is necessary to have proper life safety equipment such as gas detector, tripod winch, allegro blower, SCBA, first aid kit, intrinsic torch, EEBD02 kit and stretchers. Along with this a standard operating procedure is required for regular maintenance and cleaning operations when you deploy your personnel who might require some personal safety equipmentspecially designed for confined spaces.

But in most places, due to challenges of space, these safety equipment are placed far away from the actual hazardous areas which can pose a major problems during emergencies. Therefore we have come up with a concept of a portable Emergency management confined space trolley which can be positioned close to the area of hazards.

The Emergency Management Confined Space trolleywhich can be positioned near the confined space area has a manual call point, a siren which gives off a loud alarm when activated and a GSM Sms unit which will also simultaneously send alert SMS’s and make calls to the authorized persons in case of any emergencies.

  •  The confined space trolley is made of 1mm thick M.S.Sheet, is green color& powder coated.
  •  It has four rubber wheels of 50mm dia which are 360degree rotatable, which help in moving trolley in all directions.
  •  Two wheels are provided with brakes which can be used in case the trolley has to be parked and also helps in avoiding unnecessary moment in areas with slopes.
  •  The Emergency management Confined space trolley is light in weight & is provided with four handles. These handles are used to lift the trolley in case of rough surfaces where the trolley movement is not smooth. These handles are foldable & they can be closed or opened as and when required. It has a revolving lamp which can be turned on to indicate that someone is working in the confined space areas.
  •  This Trolley has a manual call point and a siren which gives off a loud alarm. • It is also fitted with GSM SMS unit, which will send SMS and make calls to concerned persons in case of any emergencies. All these systems work on a battery power of 12V and can be recharged after use. It also has a pouch to keep work permits& other necessary documents.
  •  It has a provision to store all the safety products required for confined spaces such as first aid kitfoldable stretchers, SCBA, 02 kit, Torch, Rope, gas detectorEEBD etc.,
  •  The trolley’s internal surface is covered with a 2mm thick cushion to avoid the rattling noise made by safety products during movement and also avoiding any damage to the products stored in the trolley.
  • Emergency Management Confined Space trolley can be taken to and positioned near the confined space work area when the confined space work is required.
  •  It is provided with an ON/OFF switch located on the right side of the trolley. By turning on the switch, a Rotating lamp which indicates that work in confined space is in progress gets turned on along with the internal electrical circuit . The battery power can be monitored through 4 LED lamps provided. If it glows green it indicates that the battery is sufficiently charged. If it glows red, it indicates that the battery needs to be recharged.
  •  In case of an emergency, the supervisor should activate the manual call point by breaking the glass. This will activate the loud siren andalert nearby workers. It will also activate the GSM SMS unit, which will automatically send messages & make calls to a maximum of pre-fixed 10 authorisedoffiicials. The contact numbers of the concerned officials should be pre-programmed into it.
  •  After attending to the emergency, we can turn off the siren & calls by turning off the ON/OFF switch.
  •  The manual call point should be restored to its original position after attending to the emergency situation& battery should be recharged.
  •  With the help of this innovative emergency management confined space ,precious lives can be saved.
  • GSM SMS unit which sends out alerts when activated
  •  Loud siren
  •  Manual call point
  •  Mobile-Can be easily taken & located near confined space areas
  •  Body – M.S.Sheet.
  •  Size of trolley
        length- 750mm
        Width – 350mm
        Height- 1350mm
  •  360 degree rotatable wheels.
  •  Foldable handles to lift the trolley.
  •  Rechargeable battery with battery level indication system
  •  Rotating lamp which indicates that work in confined space is in progress
  •  Pouch to keep work permit
  •  Holds all necessary rescue equipment required during an emergency within easy reach
  •  Can be customized as per the requirement of the customer

Emergency Management Confined Space Trolley

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