Emergency Management Confined Space Trolley

As we know every facility manager faces the challenge of effectively managing confined spaces such as tanks, tunnels, vessels, storage bins, manholes, effluent treatment plants etc. Regular maintenance and cleaning jobs in a confined space can be life threatening. The presences of toxic gases, chemicals, flammable /combustible gases and vapors as well as lack of lighting and high level of noise in a confined space can only make the situation worse.

Hence, it is necessary to have proper life safety equipment such as gas detector, tripod winch, allegro blower, SCBA, first aid kit, intrinsic torch, EEBD02 kit and stretchers. Along with this a standard operating procedure is required for regular maintenance and cleaning operations when you deploy your personnel who might require some personal safety equipment specially designed for confined spaces.

But in most places, due to challenges of space, these safety equipment are placed far away from the actual hazardous areas which can pose a major problems during emergencies. Therefore we have come up with a concept of a portable Emergency management confined space trolley which can be positioned close to the area of hazards.

The Emergency Management Confined Space trolley which can be positioned near the confined space area has a manual call point, a siren which gives off a loud alarm when activated and a GSM Sms unit which will also simultaneously send alert SMS’s and make calls to the authorized persons in case of any emergencies.

Emergency Management Confined Space Trolley

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