Emergency Evacuation Mattress

Evacuating patients or people who have to be carried out during emergencies such as fire accidents or earthquakes can be the biggest challenge in hospitals or high rise buildings. In such situations, patients or people who cannot walk can be evacuated through the staircase by using an evacuation mattress especially in buildings with narrow or spiral staircases where evacuation chairs cannot be used. It is also useful for patients who are unconscious or who may find it difficult to get into the evacuation chair. In such scenarios the evacuation mattress can be safely and effectively used to evacuate people across all types of terrain.

  • Bed is made up of high density 50mm thick foam and covered with PVC coated polyester fabric.
  •  Head support is made up of high density 70mm thick foam. It can be adjusted as per the patients height and has velcro straps to secure the head in position.
  •  Strap wings is made up of PVC coated polyester fabric, attached to either side of the bed with velcro straps.
  •  O2 kit pouch– A pouch is provided with the mattress in which the portable oxygen cylinder can be inserted & continuous oxygen can be supplied to critical ICU patients even while moving them.
  •  Leg strap is an additional harness provided to secure the patient’s legs comfortably
  •  Foot pouch is provided to secure the patient’s foot in position and prevent the patient from slipping while being carried
  •  Pulling belt-The pulling straps are used to pull the mattress in the required direction.

Mattress (open) dimensions

    •  Length: 3400mm
    •  Width: 2000mm
    •  Thickness: 100mm

Mattress (closed in bag) dimensions

  •  Length: 650mm
  •  Width: 350mm
  •  Height: 420mm
  • Simultaneously unlock both the buckles of the bag
  •  Unlock the mattress.
  •  Open the strap wings and adjust the head support to the required position & assist the person onto the mattress.
  •  Mount the oxygen cylinder in the O2 Kit pouch if oxygen is necessary for the patient.
  •  Secure the head safely with the Velcro straps provided, the body with the wings and the legs using the leg straps.
  •  Using the pulling belt, pull the mattress and evacuate the patient to a safe location or assembly point.

Emergency Evacuation Mattress

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