Electrical Rescue hooks and sticks are an essential electrical safety item for the retrieval of victims from electric shock – electrical rescue hooks and sticks protect against electrical shock and are a common feature of electrical substations. Electrical Rescue hook is a strong lightweight electrical safety device to quickly and safely rescue a person suffering electrocution – typical applications include UPS battery rooms, data centres switch rooms, generator rooms, plant rooms and computer rooms.

Step ladder

Step Ladders are ideal home companions. You need one at home both for indoor and outdoor chores. Like reaching for that suitcase, or putting away the pickle jar in the kitchen. Liberti Step Ladders are ideal for simple tasks like changing bulbs, cleaning windows, dusting away unreachable areas and many more routine household chores. SA makes a comprehensive range of lightweight and easy to move aluminium ladders. You have choices from 2 feet height upwards and they come with several unique safety features and global safety standards.

Electrical Rubber Mats

Explore our premium Electrical Rubber Mats, designed for safety and durability. Crafted from high-quality rubber, our mats provide excellent insulation against electrical shocks, making them ideal for use in substations, power plants, and other high-voltage environments. With a non-conductive surface and anti-slip properties, our mats ensure a secure work environment. Trust in our commitment to quality and safety—invest in Electrical Rubber Mats for peace of mind and workplace security. Browse our range today!

Electrical Safety Gloves

Electrical Safety Gloves, a paramount solution ensuring utmost protection for professionals working with electrical systems. Crafted from high-quality insulating materials, these gloves are designed to safeguard against electrical shocks and potential hazards. Our gloves comply with industry standards, offering a reliable barrier to protect hands from live electrical currents. Engineered for durability and comfort, they provide a secure grip without compromising skill. Whether you’re an electrician, engineer, or technician, our Electrical Safety Gloves are an essential asset for a secure and productive work environment, choose our Electrical Safety Gloves.

Electrical Discharge Rod

Electrical Discharge Rod – a cutting-edge solution for enhanced electrical safety. With precision engineering and advanced technology, this rod ensures controlled and secure discharge, minimizing the risk of accidents. Its ergonomic design and durable materials make it the ultimate tool for professionals prioritizing reliability and performance in power distribution and maintenance tasks. Choose safety, choose efficiency – choose our Electrical Discharge Rod.

Electrical Safety Shoe

Elevate your safety game with our Electrical Safety Shoes. Combining style and protection, these shoes are designed for professionals working in electrical hazard environments. Durable, comfortable, and slip-resistant, they ensure you stay secure on your feet throughout the day. Invest in your safety without compromising style – step confidently with us.

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