COVID-19 is causing many higher end people who would typically meet face-to-face to now meet online. Most higher end people I know have moved over to Zoom for online meetings, although there is still considerable diversity in the web-meeting ecosystem.

As far as firefighting team concern, if they discover any fire they really cannot enter into the building where there is a thick intense smoke and high flame which is really a very big restriction for firefighter to do any operation in a building.

Is there any solution where a fire fighter can enter into a building and do any fire firefighting or rescue operations?????

Well the answer is YES

We have introduced a combined solution for rescue operation as well as to attack a fire. Fire man suit and self-contained Breathing apparatus can really help a fire fighter to safe guard himself as well as to safeguard a building and others.


We shall be more than be pleased by your participation for this Program which is held on 2nd March 2021 from 3PM to 4PM.

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Combined solution for rescue operations

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