Bump Cap

Bump Cap is appropriate for work situations which do not require ANSI compliant head protection. But, it is still desirable to have adequate head protection especially in overhanging areas. Bump Caps reduce exposure to lacerations and abrasions caused by minor injuries to the head which can lead to brain damage. It can be used to provide head protection for ERT Members in manufacturing industries, and automobile industries, Pharmaceuticals etc.

Where We Can Use Bump Cap?
Workers in construction and manufacturing companies face the risk of minor head injuries if not suitably protected. Hence our safety hard caps provide adequate head protection. Maintenance workers, Factory Operators, Plant Engineer

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BUMP CAP - Video

Many workers are required to wear protective headgear, particularly in industry and construction. Safety helmets are not always the most appropriate form of protection, especially when the actual risks to the wearer are less severe. In these cases, it can be more appropriate to wear a bump cap.

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