Fire safety in high rise building has been extremely critical since high rise buildings have come into existence.


It is damn difficult to design a fire safety plan for high rise buildings due to the following conditions:

  • Longer distance to evacuate away from the building.
  • More complex evacuation strategies.
  • Fire department accessibility
  • Smoke movement ( which is extremely dangerous)
  • Fire control
  • Higher population

So, the only way to evacuate people from the building is through stairways. Imagine you live in the 20th floor of 50 storey building and the fire is caught at 10th floor!!!!!  Evacuation becomes an Olympic race.

Yes, we do run through stairs if we are physically capable. What if you have any disabilities, might be either mobility impaired, visually impaired, or can also be hearing impaired?                                                                                                                 In account with this, we have bought up an innovative life-saving product for differently abled and pregnant women. i.e., Evacuation chair.

Here are a few fire safety tips for high rise buildings.

For Board members:

  1. Create a fire emergency plan.

The plan should consist of a map that shows the routes for the evacuation of and meeting locations.


  1. Develop a communication plan.

Work with your management company to create a communication plan for preparedness and emergency communications. Share this plan with residents so that they would know what do to prevent a fire and how they can respond in the event of a fire emergency.


  1. Conduct training for staff and residents.
  2. Keep public areas clear.
  3. Maintain and test your fire safety equipment.
  4. Consider installing a sprinkler system if your building doesn’t have one.

 For Residents:

  1. Take precautions at home. Prepare an escape plan so that you and your family are fully prepared if there’s a fire in your flat.
  1. Familiarize yourself with your building.
  2. Know your building’s fire safety plan and systems.

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